Buy Google Reviews, More Important Than You Think

Many companies do not want to be on the internet, they have their reasons and do not think it is appropriate for their business. Well, it is inevitable that you are. Many are the cases of restaurants whose reputation has been seriously attacked having few opinions and have asked again and again to companies like TripAdvisor and Google to withdraw their profile, but of course these companies do not want to withdraw them.

Some owners have even filed complaints, this is totally unsuccessful explain why you will not get anywhere on that side and how to manage these situations and how buy Google reviews has begun has been common.

Encouraging the creation of reviews at every moment and increasingly

And is that the reviews for Google can be an advantage or a disadvantage for your business because the opinion expressed by different users will greatly affect, and increasingly, how good your business can go. Currently Google Maps has a rating system that is constantly encouraging the creation of opinions by notifying on the mobile “You have visited X and have not yet left your review, help others find the best sites! All for encouraging the publication of google my business reviews.

Sometimes this insistence by Google can be intrusive even annoying to constantly receive notifications that indicate where you have been and asking you to leave the assessment. This of course can be deactivated but is activated by default and do not doubt that it has achieved the desired effect the number of reviews in Google does not stop growing for days.

Do you want to delete your company profile?

Impossible, no matter what you do or the negative or positive reviews you have. The answer is clear” The content is uploaded by users and not by Google, we can not manage the uploaded content and users have the right to identify businesses and publish information about them.” I even know the case of a restaurant that filed a complaint to withdraw its profile, of course prior to this thousands of calls trying to eliminate their profile and the answer is the previous one. It is not possible to delete your profile. Yes it is true that you can say that the business has closed but as soon as a user locates it and uploads the information to Google it reappears with all the information previously saved, Google does not erase a bit of information.